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Fungicide/Pesticide Aerial Spraying:

       • No Wheel Track Damage

       • Uniform Spray Coverage

       • Application Data Maps

       • Timely Application

       • Zero Compaction


Dry Applications:

       • Cover Crop Seeding

       • Granules

       • Fertilizer

       • Uniform Coverage

       • Zero Compaction


Efficient, Quick, Quiet, Safe & Effective

Aerial Applications

AG Sync Mapping Software:

       • Links accurate shapefile maps with the airplane's GPS system                              

       • Creates the ability to fly directly to fields vs. following roadmaps

          (much more efficient way to fly)

       • Takes the guess work out of finding the correct field


       • Creates an easy to read packet for each work order

       • Allows for grouping of close fields with the same product

       • Organizes each field by customer name


       • Creates application data from GPS overlayed on google earth image

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